Wednesday, 25 February 2009

up hair.

i like wearing my hair up, but im bored of ponytails and bun things. i like people who wear their hair up and messy. anybody have any ideas?

60s day

its 60s day at college tomorrow. i think i might wear one of my beatles tshirts, i don't really have anything else 60s. i guess i could poof up my hair a bit. im not sure why its 60s day though.
gooosh. my arm is dead. i had my HPV jab over a day ago and my arm still hurts. the actual jab didn't hurt, i think it was the handstands i did afterwards that did it. i couldn't get my car in to 2nd cause my arm wouldn't move that way. oh deaaar. its getting better now though.
im currently having internet issues at my house, so posts may be lacking.

Monday, 23 February 2009

i wish i liked tea...

then i could take it to college in my thermos and have tea parties like alice.

i'm getting excited. in 24 hours the boy will be home with presents and cuddles in tow :)

hey good lookin'

today i made a new picture for the blog. i was feeling inspired by others blogs (ones that are listed to your left :) ).

todays quote:
tom: 'lottie, you know you like to do things for me'

as the teacher would say 'geography banter'.

ballet tonight. i get to wear my gaynor mindens :) they are new.

i would quite like to have a tea party. i wish i liked tea.
i would also like a new job and some new pretty clothes.

whats happening this week?
monday: Performing Arts workshop, Ballet
tuesday: Pancake Day, Cervical cancer jab, Ballet, Boyfy gets home
wednesday: Back to modern :) :) :)
thursday: Work :(
friday: Surprise party!!!
saturday: Reading V Forest
sunday: Boyfy day ♥

i think this weeks going to be ok.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Thank you Molly for inviting me to :) i'm tres excited about this :)
Check me out...


Saturday, 21 February 2009

Topshop @ LFW

i'll put my hands over your eyes and you'll peek through

I think this would look better with leggings.

Friday, 20 February 2009

and then I found the camera cable....

fight the bear
avec Daddy Teddy
wearing: Primark top, H&M shorts, Random Black Leggings, Nordic Slippers

i look tall here, this makes me happy because in real life i'm short.
'you look taller on myspace'
wearing Hot Topic Good Charlotte tshirt, H&M Shorts, Random black tights, long grey socks (i want more of these please)

could this be back?
my nanny knitted me this like 6 years ago before she died, i found it in my wardrobe the other day. i want big crazy jumpers back in fashion please.

comments anyone?



I plan to customise the Beatles red nose day one, by cutting the neck to make it a bit more like the above one. LOVE..
Megan C
Ellen I
Julia F

I have some photos, I just can't find the camera cable.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

also: a new haircut; big granny glasses; black pumps; new black leggings; some big sunglasses; A LOOKBOOK ACCOUNT

you may have noticed the many posts today.
i'm bored :(



its a new name. it makes far more sense than Now Hold My Hand?

thirty somethings

1. My name is Charlotte Louise
2. Call me Lottie
3. I'm 18, my birthdays October 2nd
4. I've had a boyfriend for over 2 years
5. I'm absolutely terrified about leaving college and having to get a job, in like 5 months!
6. I love my friends, I feel as though I've become a lot closer too them lately
7. I've done ballet since I was 2, and I cannot think of a better (but sososo unrealistic) career than a Ballerina
8. I have a mum, dad and brother
9. I would like to be a meterologist
10. My MP3 player consists of musicals soundtracks
11. I like a good debate
12. I plan to vote in the next UK elections
13. I have no idea why my blogs called now hold my hand?
14. I love daytime television
15. I'm 5 ft 2
16. but... I wish I was 5 ft 7 so I could audition for Britians Next Top Model because it looks so much fun
17. I want Marjorie to win ANTM 11
18. I really don't know anything about fashion and make up
19. I wish more people read my blog!
20. I haven't eaten meat since I was 13, and don't want to start again incase I get fat
21. I'd love to be a member on
22. I live in a messy environment
23. My hair annoys me no matter what it looks like
24. I study Performing Arts, Geography and Environmental Science
25. I've applied to university but dont want to go
26. I was born at Winchester Hospital at 5.35am
27. I’ve always wanted to experience and earthquake, hurricane or volcanic eruption
28. I like Spartan off of Gladiators
29. I refuse to believe Scott Mills is gay
30. I have a blue clio

now you know me better. :)
maybe more should do this.

Its not that easy being green.

Notice the Nordic Slippers.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Bowling was quite strange, it was me and 4 of my friends PLUS 3 random rude posh guys.
It was okay though, cause Ellie drove me and we had a big chat about Ls. situation.
Today, I'm going to see Benjamin Button with Nick before he goes to San Fransico, I'll miss him. More later....

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tonight I'm Bowling...

I am. With some friendly type people, I only know half of them, but I think it will be fun :)

This is Appletini Drinking :)

Monday, 16 February 2009


If any lovely lovely people would like to invite me I will be eternaily greatful :)


a fortunate accident.

Interesting. I'm watching the film now.

Today I'm going to the pub quiz, feeling like I need to swat up a little.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Things.... like a walk in the park....

to do at half term
1. READ READ READ- Catch me if you can AND the mills and boon before Ellie gets mad that she can't read it yet...
2. Scrapbook type things- I'm feeling creative
3. See Benjamin Button avec Nicholas
4. Take Ellie to visit Pepper Pig with Em to cheer her up :)
5. Pub Quiz it...

observed this week
1. Its not bad to pee when your friends are sat in the bath talking to you
2. One person can change one of your best friends very drastically/quickly
3. Some people have no morals
4. My friends are actually awesome :)
5. Parents can't work facebook

Thursday, 12 February 2009

i will explode...

if i cant talk to someone about Gossip Girl soon.

Episode 3 Series 2 :O:O:O

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Ok so the camera battery died so there aren't any pictures this week, plus I haven't had an awful lot of time as I have had mega amounts of work.
Work was alrighty, pretty quiet and Matt sent me home early, but he also said I could change my wednesday so I can go to modern. YAAY.
Lady Marmalade in the show :)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Top 10 Favourite Films.. EVER.

In no particular order.. really.
1. The Wizard of Oz
I have spent my whole entire life watching and acting out The Wizard of Oz. I've always wanted to be Dorothy. I can quote the whole fim for you if you like?
2. E.T.- The Extra-Terrestrial
My parents let me watch it when I was like 2 thinking I would be a bit scared, but I've always loved it. They spent a whole year trying to find me an ET toy for my birthday. Also the music is amazing. I had my photo taken with E.T at the Millenium Dome.
3. Toy Story
I love love love this film. Its got such amazing animaton, and an awesome cast and things. Its such a good family film, although Sid does scare me.. 4. The Sound of Music
Because theres nothing better than watching Julie Andrews and a bunch of kids dressed in curtians running around Austria :) Kurt is my absolute hero.

5. Beauty and the Beast
My dad and I used to watch this everyday when I was little. I love it, I think it was my first favourite film.
6. The Day After Tomorrow
Because inside (and out) I am a geek. I love this film, although the bit with the wolves scared me, but its such a good film. I'd be so excited if this actually happened.7. Home Alone
This movie is so sweet and clever. Its like the ultimate christmas film. I got the box set for chritsmas :)

8. Edward Scissorhans
I love this film, it upsets me that people think its a mean film. Edwards lovely OK? Again amazing music, dancing to the opening music in my dance show this year.
9. Mary Poppins
Another that I used to act out and watch with daddy, I used to get my tape meausre out and say 'practically perfect in everyway'. I broke the video because I rewound the bit where the fox is on the back of Berts horse so many times, its hilarious!
10. Moulin Rouge
I love Ewan McGregor.

Other films I wanted but couldn't have:
  • AI
  • Mama Mia
  • Lion King
  • Aladin
  • Centerstage
  • Castaway
  • Bambi

Friday, 6 February 2009

Performing Arts Costume Designs

These are the designs I produced for costumes in my performing arts performance which I just did. I've never designed anything like these before, or done drawing really. I'm quite proud. :)

My ebay dress arrived...

Photos soon :)

Today its been like awful weather. I drove to college, leaving 1 hour 15 minutes to get there and got there in 30 minutes!!! wtf? So we sat in the car and listened to some CRAZY music on the radio:
- Five-Keep on Moving
- Backstreet Boys-I want it that way (PLEASE DO A REUNION)
- Bryan Adams and Mel C- When You're Gone
Cool times. Then we decided we had to leave the car otherwise we would have sat there listening to the music all day.
Anyway, I got home at like 12, and since about 1 its been snowing, it only just stopped. But it hasn't settled cause its all just slush everywhere. EW.

I have to get my performing arts done, cause I'm going to London, and then out tomorrow night :)


Thursday, 5 February 2009

Things I have learnt today...

1. You can go to every performing arts lesson and work your bum off and still get a shit mark compared to people who never come who then get better marks
2. It is possible to spend 2 hours dozing on a sofa at college
3. Snow is still slightly fun even when its shitty and slushy
4. Clios get burried in snow very easily.

More later?


Its Snowed Heavy...

And HES opened college.

Just cause it hasn't snowed at college doesn't mean it hasn't snowed 20 miles away.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow Clothes

This was my snow outfit today. Me and lucy made a snow lump as we had no time to make a snowman. It was pretty cool, so we stood on it and took photos. I look short, shorter than normal.
It was horrible having a back to normal college day today. I could not believe how deep the snow was around college though, I had to drive and parallel park in this big slushy mess, it was pretty gross and scary. Me and Ellie and Lucy sat in my car and ate lunch and listened to the radio, this old man nearly reversed into me like 10 times. That was pretty scary.
Eurgh, work tonight, I really do not enjoy it.


Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I've recently discovered huge amounts of vintage clothing on Ebay- now I'm 18 I can actually have an ebay account.

I just won this dress! It cost £10.50. I was quite impressed its so cute. Been thinking about how I could wear it...

- With thick black tights and pumps/black shoes

- With thick black tights and emu boots

- Without any tights and some dolly shoes, when its warmer

- With black tights and heels for going out

- Maybe add a belt?

How exciting.

Anyway, theres no pictures of me and my clothes today as I've been feeling like shit all day. I'll take some tomorrow, its back to college after the 2 snow days we've just had. I'm kind of nervous about driving on the icy/snowy roads, its all still there. College have told us we're allowed to build snowmen on the fields, I think that sounds like a plan :)

Expect photos tomorrow maybe?

New Hero?

Marjorie AMNT 11

Monday, 2 February 2009

1. A post about being short.

2. Because I love IT.

3. Cute.

4. Accidentally discovered.

& its a snow day.

Yep Yep. About 10cms out there at the moment.
& its still snowing.
Its also pretty cold, even in the house. Maybs I'll do the ironing?
Bit worried about mum and dad getting home though, cause of the snow.

Last night I had 2 hours sleep, and never found out whether the half ton mum died or not because I feel asleep. Damn. I also made a thermal top into a dress. Thanks to Toms thermal tops, some tights and a pair of silver heels. Seriously doubt I could wear that out in the cold though, might just freeze to death. You may have guessed that college is cancelled today. Theres no buses, no trains, no cars. Its just cold.

But I do love snow.

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Going more fashion blog. As thats what I currently enjoy reading at the moment. Of course there will still be random babblings about my life and junk, but whatevs.

Buys this week:
- Pearl Bracelet: £3 @ Debenhams sale
- Pearl and Beaded Necklace: £3 @ Debenhams sale
- Gold Butterfly Necklace: £4 @ Debenhams sale
- White Knitted Jumper (bought oversized to wear as dress): £14.99 @ H&M
- Gold, White and Wooden Bangles: £4.73 (Student discount + Tax reduction, where £6) @ New Look
- Petrol & Food: but they aren't pretty.

The main picture of this blog is me in new jumper dress and jewellery.

What to wear in this insanely cold weather thats going to hit tonight?
'Snow showers will move into eastern areas of the UK on Sunday afternoon, becoming heavier and more widespread throughout Sunday night into Monday morning. 10-15 cm could fall at lower levels, and even more locally. With this amount of snow falling in major towns and cities, including London, there is likely to be serious disruption to travel. Daytime temperatures will reach one or two degrees above freezing but with the significant wind chill it will feel sub-zero everywhere.' BBC.CO.UK/WEATHER

Joy, I do love snow.
Past Snow Piccys?
This was the snow in April last year, I think I can pull of the shorts and wellys look to be honest! HAHA. Seriously, quite a lot of snow, a 5 ft 2 snowmans pretty impressive really. And yes, that is a lampshade on its head.

This was a couple of years ago, we made a short drunken snowman, there wasn't as much snow at this time. I'm quite liking the skinny jeans and timberlands. Reckon I could take those boots to Iceland and wear them to climb up Glaciers?
I've lost track of the amount of people who have told me to drive carefully in the snow. I FRICKEN KNOW! Just because mum and dad are away doesn't mean I suddenly become incapable of making decisions such as weather to drive in snow or not. Who the fuck would choose to drive in 15 cm of snow anyway?!! I can tell you for sure I will NOT be travelling to college tomorrow if it has snowed! We get snow so little, I'm not going to waste my day learning. Don't you just love my attitude towards schooling :)
Enjoy the snow- safely please.