Tuesday, 28 April 2009

where oh where...

where do i get some glasses like hers? i love jade and i want her to win.

to cheer up.

ok, i've had the most absolutely rubbish weekend in the history of weekends ever.

so here's Paris..

Cocktails :)

And the Whiskey one

Wall friends

drinking wine and eating icecream by the fountian with plastic cups and spoooons

that four headed monstor by the lourve...

Oh, Lampost!


The real life Jack Sparrow/Pince Charming


these are just the best.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

i wish my life was like a fairytale

i really do.

Paris was amazing. i will post photos soon, but i have to finish my left over college work before tomorrow. oh dear.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

gay pariiiis

tomorrow i shall be in PARIS!

speak soon lovely beautiful fairies :)

Sunday, 12 April 2009


With as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in:
1 picture

1 poem

The Enchanted Castle

A young maiden, beautiful and fair,
Had a suitor for whom she did not care.
His advances were constant and strong,
Her father missing, Belle followed before long.
Up the castle steps she fled.
In exchange for a life, she found herself wed
To a man who could only be called a beast,
The first thing he did was invite her to a feast.
Upset and distraught, she refused to come,
Instead sat up in her room to hum.
Then to her surprise, the dresser came alive,
And in her shock, Belle took a hard dive.
Into the cold she stumbled and fell,
As the wolves raced, hungry for Belle.
To her rescue then came the Beast,
And after a battle the wolves soon ceased.
Wounded and bleeding, the poor beast was hurt.
Belle, feeling kind, helped wipe off the dirt.
But waiting for them at the castle gate,
Gaston had come to seal the Beast’s fate.
Warned about the Beast by the Father,
His goal in mind was to come save the daughter.
And so they clashed in a fearsome fight,
Both of them struggling with all of their might.
Up on the roof their battle was fought,
But in the end it was all for nought.
For Gaston was thrown from the roof to his death,
And the beast was drawing his very last breath.
Belle watched in horror as they both died,
Then went to her home, and on her bed cried.
Haunted by the memory, she never could forget,
The kindness of the Beast, and how they first met

1 song or piece of music

Somewhere over the Rainbow- Judy Garland

1 phrase or quote

'there's no place like home' - dorothy

1 item of clothing

a pretty dress :)

1 place
1 Disney princess


La vite e bella


i'm feeling a little on the better side now.
i think that day was just a bad day. lets put it down to hormones!

on wednesday i am going to paris with my friends. it will be such good fun :)

on tuesday i am going to chessington world of adventures with my mum and brother and my aunty and cousins, we go every easter.

i have a question, for anyone reading my blog, did you have a gap year? if so what did you do? comment to reply, or email lottieismini@gmail.com

speak again soon please.

Friday, 10 April 2009

we'll stick together and see it through.

i'm sorry. i'm feeling sad at the moment.
i have bitten my nice long nails all the way down.
and i have found out things i didn't want to.
and that horrible thing has popped up again and i want it to go.
i can't stop thinking. and i can't decide what i want.
toy story 2 is also making me sad.
i'll return with wonderfully happy blogs soon.
hope everyones ok.
charlotte louise.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


tomorrow me and the boy are going to brighton for a few days. so i won't blog till friday.. maybe later.
i hope everyone is having a good weekend and have a fabby week :)

Saturday, 4 April 2009


i found this. i think its cute and fun
1. Clothes Shop
i like Zara but all my clothes from their are broken
i like TopShop but so does everyone else
i like Primark but you have to have to have to rummage
i sometimes like H&M and New Look
i like motel and vintage shops
2. Furniture Shop
ikea, because its ikea
3. Sweet
i love sweeties
especially haribo hearts :)and love hearts
4. City
Reykjavik because of the amount of christmas shops
Bath because its pretty
Winchester, if that counts, because i was born there
5. Drink
hot blackcurrent
lemonade and lime
november seabreeze
peppermint tea
6. Music
jason mraz
eva cassidy
the beatles
the kinks
emilie jolie
the ting tings
diana vickers
noah and the whale
musicals and film soundtracks
7. Film
the wizard of oz
beauty and the beast
home alone
the sound of music
the day after tomorrow
edward scissorhands
8. TV
gossip girl
americas next top model
9. Workout
10. Pastries
11. Coffee
no thank you
i'll have a hot chocolate please

like woaah.

im cofusing myself and others i think.
i have decided that i will now call my blog...
its kind of confusing having two names.. and i like LIKE WOAAH.

so sorry to be a pain to lovely people who added me to their blog rings.. but my name has now changed. :)

this weekend i am busy.
today i've been to TGI Fridays, and then i came home and made some easter nest cakes :)
later im going to a party at sick bag sams house.
we're going to play twister and eat pringles.
then tomorrow i have a performing arts rehearsal and then i'm going to see the boys grandparents.

on monday i'm going to brighton.

have a nice weekend :)

Cloudy Lane

You better win so I get my £52 please.