Thursday, 3 September 2009

oh its a jolly holiday with mary...

Wonderlander tagged me to tell you 10 things about myself, and then tag 10 other bloggers, I'm sorry but I am far too lazy to tag 10 other bloggers, so please tag yourselves in.. and let me know because I want to read up on all of you :D So.. my 10 things...

1. I got paid formy new job for the first time today! It was a right hassle cause the silly people put my sort-code wrong, so the council wouldn't give me the money!! All sorted now though.
2. My glasses are £24.95 mens ones from boots, but I love them, although I would kill for some Wayfarers by Rayban :)
3. I really really really want to be a weather lady or a geologist, my humanities teacher at school had a PhD in geology and he was my favourite teacher in the world ever, since then I have wanted one too :)
4. Today I painted pictures of Spot the Dog and friends on a window at work :)
5. I lost a pair of really expensive Urban Outfitters jeans, I have no idea where they have gone!
6. If I ever have a son I plan on calling him Teddy.
7. I have a really big smile and legs that are too long for the rest of my body!!
8. I rarely get more than 7 hours sleep, I get too tired if I have more than that!
9. I'm really bad at spending money, I won't buy stuff that I think is expensive, even if its not that expensive.
10. I went to see 'Funny People' last night and thought it was absolute crap.

On saturday I'm off on holiday to Kos with the boyf, expect holiday photos soon.
Have a good week, CIAO x