Sunday, 25 April 2010

So the walk never really happened on Sunday, the other girls wimped out because of the rain. Instead we got mac donalds breakfast and went shopping :) I ended up buying a new top, cardigan and skirt. And things to decorate my moonwalk bra with. It was slightly depressing that it took me over an hour to find a bra in my size. :( Due to the lack of training I met up with the best friend and we went for a walk round the roman wall thats near where we live. We saw Alpaca. They are such funny animals. We ate galaxy and walked quite a long way, until it started raining. Then we got lost driving home. oh no :( but it was fiiine.

I only 45 days left at work, before I leave for the summer. I have quite a few exciting things going on this summer :) A few days after I leave I'm going on a family holiday to the most beautiful villa in Kefalonia. Just relax relax relax, and tan, tan, tan! Then a week after that the brother and me are going travelling in America for a couple of weeks! I AM SO EXCITED! It will be actually amazing! We start in New York, then travel by coach to Boston, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland and Chicago. It's gonna be sooo gooooood :)

Lottie xx

Saturday, 24 April 2010


I never really wanted to delete this blog, so I just left it untouched for a few months while I sorted my self and my life out. A lot of things have changed over the recent months, but things are slowly getting back on track. Although a lot still a bit crazy. But I'm back blogging cause I feel like I need to come back :) I've missed you all! Please start reading again, and I will start reading all of your wonderful blogs again.
So maybe an update on my life would be a good start?
Well the major thing thats changed is I've got into university. In september I'll be packing up and moving to Guildford to study Dance. I am so excited! I cannot wait to dance all day and just live on my own! I want to meet lots of new people. And just do everything I can. Tell me about uni? People who are there?

Some photos of me these days...

These days I have taken up bad habits like going out, drinking too much and then smoking. But maybe I making up for things that I didn't do in the past, for whatever reason. Oh bad times.

Its finally getting sunny :) sunny summer sunshine :) tomorrow I'm doing a 19 mile walk in training for my moonwalk that I'm doing on May 15th. Need practice practice practice.

I will write again soon :)
Lottie xx