Sunday, 23 May 2010

summer is here?

As you can see I have made some changes to the blog, well changed the whole layout! I feel like something more simple. I actually think I need to declutter everything.

So this weekend has been looovely! HOT HOT HOT. Have spent most of it sunbathing with the family in the garden. We've had lovely curries and BBQs and lots of cider (or vodka in the somones case!) I went shopping for a bit yesterday. Might of spent a lot of money, but I haven't spent a lot of money for ages! From Primark I got a ivory vest top, red and cream stripy shorts and a flowery summer dress. Then I got some shorts for running in, because I am actually going to start tomorrow! And the most awesome shorts ever from topshop.

Yeah they were £28, which is way more than I would normally spend on anything.. especially shorts, but I am actually in love with them. I've worn them all day today and yesterday haha. Best buy this summer I think.

I'm so excited for summer! I have 27 days left at work. 51 days till I go to Kefalonia. 66 days till I go to America. and 111 days till I see Muse! I spent most of last summer working so I am really going to make the most of this one!

So the getting fit and loosing the little bit of weight I've put on this year starts tomorrow. I'm going to start running, and just eating less junk. Hopefully now the weathers nicer and works less stressful I should stop eating so much crap. Wish me luck?! I also plan to get more into the habbit of blogging again, so please keep checking up on me!

Lottie xxx

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MOLLYKT said...

gorgeous shorts!
and i made my layout myself, i used to be super obsessed with html codes so i spent a day constructing it, sad i know!
if you'd like any help feel free to email me at!