Friday, 18 June 2010

i'm ill again

—- Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
—- Post the first definition it gives you.

1. Your name: Charlotte- The most beatifull girl i have ever seen , and no way a slag , a smoker , or a bitch . shes kind , thoughtfull , and one of the best friends any1 could ask for !!
2. Your age? 19-The Canadian drinking age. 2 years better than 21.
3: One of your friends? Emily- slang term for a highly attractive and sexually intriguing individual.
4. What should you be doing? Working-A term to describe the tedious and boring indentured servitude that most people are forced to endure to get money. Generally, not a pleasant experience.
5. Favorite color? Orange- The colour which vain assholes turn after a session in the tanning salon; Often confused with Hepatitis.
 6. Birthplace? Winchester-A small city in Hampshire in the south of the UK. Famous for its cathedral, Winchester College, and was prevoiusly the capital of England, under King Alfred.
7. Month of your birth? October- People born in october are fun loving and energetic, and care very much (sometimes too much) what other people think about them. They love having friends and are outgoing in certain scenarios, but not in others. They may have trouble finding who they realy are but once they click, their personality explodes. October is the best month to be born in :]

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Having recovered from Strep Throat and stopped taking my massive 10 day course of antibiotics on Thursday, I developed Tonsillitis on Friday. BODY YOU ARE USELESS AT FIGHTING GERMS. So now my 3 days holiday have been ruined, I was meant to go to London, and to the beach, but NO, I've been stuck at home on MORE antibiotics. So I have spent my days watching crappy daytime TV and fred and ginger movies. how fun my life has become. :( I haven't even been able to eat nice food, I swear every time someone puts a plate of food near me I become unhungry, well I suppose it's one way of loosing weight.
I need some serious cheering up please readers!
I ordered a new pink glittery phone cover off ebay. I was feeling particularly girly at the time.
I hate sitting at home all day, you just begin to over think nothing.

I have had an idea do this blog and it is that I'm going to feature my blog of the moment, at the some point in the first week of every month (although there may be a little gap whilst I'm out of the country).

So for the month of June my blog of the moment is...

I actually love this blog. Its written by the fantastic Molly, who's a sixteen year old future journalist. She blogs about everything fashion related and has such cute outfit posts! She is actually blog inspiration, so check her out!

Right I should go rest now!
Lottie xx